What else can we offer?

Added Security

Security is very important when starting an online business, see what we can offer!

Online Bookings

Got a business that requires an easy navigated online booking system?

Points and Rewards

This can help you stand out from competitors by offering different points and reward schemes.

Product Variations

Rather than displaying numerous listings on your site, have all sizes and colours under one listing.

Cart Abandonment

Remind people that some of your products are waiting in their cart, offer some exclusive deals.


Customers can subscribe to your products on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Add security to your site

Starting at £60.00 start-up fee and £8.99 per month

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Product Variations

Variation swatches and photos can be very powerful, this allows customers to view what sizes and colours can be purchased in one place. Customers appreciate the visual representations of products they are purchasing.

£110 per year

Need to accept online bookings?

The digital world is amazing and can offer lots of opportunities for companies that may have never thought of having a website. We can help with configuring your website to accept bookings at a specific place as well as accepting money through our trusted payment gateways.

£275 per year (includes training)

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Recover sales from customers

Ever wondered whether customers view your website and add products to their cart, but don’t proceed through to payment? We want to help reduce the amount of people that do this. This plugin enables you to view the contact and products that are sitting in a customers cart. We can trigger some emails that will be sent to the customers in the required days after, tempting them to finish their purchase with you.

£25 start-up fee

Points and Rewards

Some businesses offer a points scheme which can be earned after purchases of their products, these points can then be redeemed for added discounts on future purchases.

£139.99 per year (includes training guides)

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Some businesses require customers to pay on a monthly basis for their services, this plugin offers just that! Whether you require customers to manually pay their renewal or whether you require and automatic invoice.

£220 per year (training guides included)