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Powerful spreadsheet tool

Getting the most out of excel

Excel is an extremely powerful spreadsheet program which is used by creating grids of text, numbers, specifying calculations and formulas. Excel can be quite daunting to people who are not familiar with the program, due to the extent of functionality it has.

We want to help your business save time on your tedious admin tasks and offer training where necessary when making it easier for you.

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Excel is perfect for automating admin tasks which may need completing weekly, monthly and annually. 

Save Time

Your time is precious and creating a cleverly crafted excel spreadsheet can save time on tedious admin tasks.


We work with excel daily and are advanced with the programme. Excel is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly.

1:1 Support

We will work closely in making sure your requirements are met. Training and assistance after the creation is provided.

Powerful tool

Automate the tedious tasks

Excel can be a very effective tool when used in the right manner. Understanding the formulas and different commands on excel can save hours of your precious time.

How can we help

Excel is extremely powerful and can save lots of time on your admin tasks that may currently take valuable time.

Lots of data can be scary to look at, this is where we can convert your data to appealing graphs, bring multiple sources of data together will cleverly crafted lookups and automate the process of tasks.

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Using the spreadsheets

You may wonder how can you use the spreadsheets once we have added in the automated tasks. Before the work begins we will set up a consultation outlining the outcome required, this is where we will see if the final output can be easily used with basic excel knowledge.

Training will be provided for each project to make sure you understand how it works.

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