Excel Assistance

Excel is an extremely powerful spreadsheet program which is used by creating grids of text, numbers, specifying calculations and formulas. Excel can be quite daunting to people who are not familiar with the program, due to the extent of functionality it has. We want to help your business save time on your tedious admin tasks and offer training where necessary when making it easier for you.


Excel is perfect for automating your admin tasks.


Excel shows everything nice and organised.


We work with Excel daily and are advanced with the program.

Save time

Save time from your tedious admin tasks.


Data can be daunting, we can help show your results visually.

1:1 Support

We will work closely in making sure your requirement are met.

How we can help

Excel is extremely powerful and can save lots of time on your admin tasks that may currently take valuable time.

Graphs and tables

Lots of data can be scary to look at, this is where can convert your data to appealing graphs.

Intelligent Spreadsheets

Automate the process of tasks and save formulas to enable you to carry on using live calculations.

Multiple Sources

Bring multiple sources of data together and lookup between each set.

Save your time

Adding in live calculations can save your important time, allowing you to spend time elsewhere.


Most frequent questions and answers

Due to each project being different and may require a greater amount of time, we will price up a job based on an hourly rate of £22, please complete the quote form below.

With our advanced excel knowledge we can offer lots of functionality, here are some examples:

  • Lookup data from multiple sources
  • Advanced calculations (margin, percentage increases or decreases, total sum amounts etc..)
  • Pivot tables
  • Graphs and tables
  • Large amounts of data

Excel has so many functions that we can assist with (impossible to name them all), we would be happy to answer any questions if you have any, this can be done either through our contact form or quote form below.

Before any data transfer we will have a consultation to see where everything currently sits and what requirements you have.

Before any money has been paid, we will have an in depth consultation to make sure we know the requirements you have and what outcome is needed, as well as the possibilities excel can offer.

This all depends on what requirements you have and how long it will take us to complete, a guided deadline will be communicated throughout the process. We offer 1:1 support and can be reached throughout the process.

We want to make sure you understand how the spreadsheet works and will offer a training/video to show you how the file functions with formaulas and calculations.