Family & Individual Photography

A family portrait session can be undertaken either in the studio or on location. It can be for a private individual, a couple, a family or larger group of individuals, pets or a combination. The cost of the session is the same irrespective of the numbers attending, within reason. As many photographs as necessary will be taken according to the number of people attending, as well as your own specific requirements, to get a comprehensive selection of images.

The session fee below covers setting up the studio, arranging the appropriate style of lighting, and my time taking the photographs, usually between 30 to 90 minutes. The images will then be selected, editing and enhanced, as required, and then uploaded to my website for viewing. You can choose to have them password protected if you like. Alternatively, the low-resolution versions of the images can be emailed to you for viewing.

You may if you wish, make another follow up appointment and visit again to view the images on a large display screen to select the ones you require to have printed or framed. There is no extra charge for this additional service.

The copyright of the images remains our property, unless you purchase the printable disc or USB stick of the selected images. This fee then includes the high-resolution edited images and the copyright licence to print from it or use on social media, etc. Most clients go for this option as you then own all the images and the price for a few prints and a large frame soon exceeds the cost of the printable disc/USB price.

Additional prints may be ordered in the future, as we store your images for a considerable time after the initial portrait session.

Portrait Sessions


£ 75
  • Professional Studio
  • Lighting set up
  • More time on photos

Scenic Location

£ 120 from
  • Desired natural backdrop
  • Outside or inside