Google Integration

Once your website has been created, it is important to make sure the site is connected too all the relevant places to assist with people finding your site. If you don’t know where to start, this could have a huge impact on the amount of visitor finding your site.

When starting your site with wordpress or other platforms, you may not realise what needs doing once you have finished the final design. This is where we come in and using website designers who cover hosting and google integration will do the connections for you.

Below you will see what we connect our client’s site to and the checks to make sure the best performance can be met.

Google My Business

Do you ever wonder how companies get a pin on google maps? Or when you see a list of nearby companies which are within a radius of your search or current location? This is where Google My Business steps in, once you have completed the steps to creating a business profile, which includes information like: website link, company address, contact numbers, opening hours etc…

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Google Analytics

This platform will allow you to track lots of different behaviours and audiences within a set date period. Google Analytics is also live and you can see the number of pages being viewed at that moment in time. We will use this platform to send out monthly reports on how your website is performing (but also give you the login to drill down any further details if you wish to).

Can be used as a very powerful tool in focusing on audience groups and seeing where the traffic has come from (social media, organic search etc…)

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Google Search Console

An integration which assists with monitoring and troubleshooting Google Search results. Not many people know of this and may get stuck when trying to connect. Each website should generate a sitemap which displays links to each page on your website, this will be uploaded and used by Search Console to check and make sure there are no issues when searching on Google.

Website Designers offering Google integration with Search Console will monitor and check to see if any issues have arisen after Google has checked the sitemap pages.

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Google reCAPTCHA

Have you ever needed to complete a form to prove you are human? This is reCAPTCA doing a check to make sure you are not a bot. This is a layer of security applied to defend against spam and abuse.

There are a few different types of reCAPTCHA, one being the form completion and the other being a mathematical check to provide a score before submitting the form.

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