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Knowledge Base

We have been working on a very exciting project to help our clients gain a better understanding of how our tools work. 

The Knowledge Base will offer step by step guides showing how different tools work and the options available. This doesnt mean we won’t be there to assist if you are still struggling with anything, this just gives you on hand material when wanting to learn more.

Below you will find a list of guides being launched first:

  • Webmail – guide around the email portal we have at KLIK4
  • Spam protection – the basics of adding email addresses to lists to prevent receiving emails
  • Processing orders – for our clients who receive orders, we will show you how to process and the different statuses behind orders
  • Invoicing Dashboard – we use our own invoicing dashboard, here you will find the basics in a video tutorial

We will launch a handful of video tutorials (with available transcripts) which are the most important/everyday guides you may need when being a KLIK4 client.

We are keen to grow this section and would be grateful if you had any tutorials you would fine useful.

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