New Businesses Joining the Digital World

New Businesses Joining the Digital World

Joining the digital world may seem daunting and a huge step, especially when you are competing against the big boys! but you need to remember, they started somewhere.

The Digital world is awesome, it offers so much more than normal, traditional marketing. It allows you to grow and reach people you have never reached before. Sounds great, right? Well, its not that easy. Your website and social media posts may look great and better than your competitors, but there are lots of factors coming into play with ranking on search engines.

When starting you should always create a business plan and highlight the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) and how you can shout about these.

Offering something different or adding that little extra can go a long way when growing your brand.

Is there a point in competing against the ‘big boys’?

Yes, of course. Not everyone is being targeted or loyal to one brand, you can easily convert or direct someone’s attention to another site, you just need to grow the trust and look appealing to customers, this is where websites and social media comes in perfectly.

Websites and Social media will always have paid ads and these will always help in bringing people to your site, this will allow your website to appear higher on target audiences searches and grow your brand. Once they are on your site, this is where you need to grab their attention and your shiny new site will do this just right!

The beauty of Google Analytics will allow you to see how your paid ads are performing and whether they are over or under achieving your goals.

Where do I start?

You have many options when it comes to starting your digital adventure, there are lots of companies similar to KLIK4 that can offer services in starting the journey.

Linking to one of our previous blog posts, you can start on your own, or go through a website design company that will take the stress off your shoulders when building a website.

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