Our Services

Below you will find a variety of services which will assist with getting you online and visible to new or existing customers. We want to help you in joining the Digital world and reaching thousands more of your targeted audience. Each service can be adapted to your situation, please contact us to find out more or browse through what we can offer.

Website Creation

No matter the profession, we want to help you make the perfect website. We can assist with creating a basic website through to an E-commerce responsive site.

Social Media

Social media is extremely important when promoting a new or existing business, these are the platforms which are used by millions and millions.

Design Services

We can offer logo design whether you require it with a website (Combi package) or just a fresh new logo to start your business.

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We partner with a local professional photographer who specialises in business imagery, we have worked with him for a while and can vouch for his ‘can do’ attitude.

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Website Add-ons

We can offer a variety of add-ons which will only make your website even more awesome! Take a look at what else we can offer.

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Excel Assistance

Excel can be quite daunting to people who are not familiar with the program, due to the extent of functionality it has.