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We partner with a local professional photographer who specialises in business imagery, we have worked with him for a while and can vouch for his ‘can do’ attitude.

A few words from John “Welcome to Klik-4 and it is a pleasure to have a place on this site. I currently run a business called Visual Pixel and I am highly experienced, creative and qualified commercial, wedding and studio portrait photographer based in Horsham, West Sussex and Surrey. I specialise in advertising, industrial and corporate photography, which includes corporate events, company boardroom photographer, corporate head-shots and public relations (PR) photography. I service the photographic requirements of building developers, architects, estate agents, building contractors, advertising agencies and public relations companies.”

The image that portrays you to others is so crucial and getting the right balance is key, it’s the first thing the viewer notices about you and first impressions count and invariably stay! Whether the photograph is intended for your email address account, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your company website, having the right photograph is vitally important.

Helping you, as the subject, feel relaxed and at ease during the portrait session is the secret to getting the best possible results. I can capture a range of looks suited to your needs from smiling and relaxed through to the more formal, corporate look. Some people don’t like smiling and if that’s the case, I can easily take more neutral expressions that still convey your personality. During the photo shoot, I am happy to show you how we are progressing on the camera or computer screen. This gives you more confidence and reassures you that we are getting the correct expressions and if necessary, we can modify your look for the rest of the session. Having photographs taken should be an enjoyable experience, so part of my role is helping you feel confident and relaxed, assisted you via easy conversation and that in turn will be reflecting in your positive expressions and the final results.

When I think we have enough image choice, we can view the images on the computer screen and create a shortlist of your preferred images.

The 30 Minute ‘Extra’ session includes a change of clothes, if you required it, so possibly a more formal, business look followed by an informal, casual look might suit you, but frequently, clients just stay with the clothes they arrived in but opt for more choice in their images at the selection stage.

The session includes the photoshoot itself, maybe 30 minutes camera time with the standard one, but sometimes less, viewing and selecting the images, editing your choices, cropping, contrast adjusting and retouching the top three images. I would then supply you with high resolution files for printing purposes and low resolution versions for social media, either emailed to you or supplied on a disc/USB stick.

If you wanted the selected images in black and white, there is no extra charge for that alternative. You would also own the full copyright release on those selected, edited images to do whatever you like with them in the future.


30 Minutes

Clothes you arrived in
1 x Colour backdrop
3 x Edited Images
Copyright Images

Extra Plus

60 Minutes

Change of clothes
3 x Colour backdrops
12 x Edited Images
Copyright Images

Please note: we advise you contact the photographer with location as there could be additional charges.

Reductions for Extra People Sharing the Same Session: Addition people are welcome to share the same session and are charged at a reduced rate after the first person attending. The 2nd and 3rd person are £50 each and £40 each thereafter. Editing the selected images you wish to keep and the copyright release for any additional people sharing the session: £15 each.

Extra Edited Images and the Copyright Addition selected and edited images with the copyright: £15 each.

Shared Session Costing Example: As an example, six people sharing the standard session: The first person would be £125 plus the 2nd and 3rd at £50 each and the following three at £40 each: total session charge £345 plus any additional edited images you select at £15 each which includes the copyright release.

A family portrait session can be undertaken either in the studio or on location. It can be for a private individual, a couple, a family or larger group of individuals, pets or a combination. The cost of the session is the same irrespective of the numbers attending, within reason. As many photographs as necessary will be taken according to the number of people attending, as well as your own specific requirements, to get a comprehensive selection of images.

The session fee below covers setting up the studio, arranging the appropriate style of lighting, and my time taking the photographs, usually between 30 to 90 minutes. The images will then be selected, editing and enhanced, as required, and then uploaded to my website for viewing. You can choose to have them password protected if you like. Alternatively, the low-resolution versions of the images can be emailed to you for viewing.

You may if you wish, make another follow up appointment and visit again to view the images on a large display screen to select the ones you require to have printed or framed. There is no extra charge for this additional service.

The copyright of the images remains our property, unless you purchase the printable disc or USB stick of the selected images. This fee then includes the high-resolution edited images and the copyright licence to print from it or use on social media, etc. Most clients go for this option as you then own all the images and the price for a few prints and a large frame soon exceeds the cost of the printable disc/USB price.

Additional prints may be ordered in the future, as we store your images for a considerable time after the initial portrait session.


Professional Studio
Lighting Set-up
More time on photos

Scenic Location

Desired natural backdrop
Outside or Inside

Please note: we advise you contact the photographer with location as there could be additional charges.

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