Sports Solution Massage

We very much enjoyed working with Hannah and helping her business reach the next level in the Digital world, Sports Solution Massage uses the Advanced Package with the Google integration add on. As we continued to work on Sports Solution Massage there were lots of opportunities for them to realise how powerful a website can be and the capabilities it can offer to their customers.

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Please note Sports Solution Massage has admin access and the website may change from the previews below.

Jamie created my website for my massage company and it was such a quick and easy process, and he made sure he got it live as soon as possible! Jamie was reachable at all times and kept coming up with new ideas that I could use for my website to ensure all my information was on there so all my clients can be informed on my company and what it consists of! I am so happy with how my website turned out and I am excited to keep adding to it in the future to help build both my clientele and my business!
Hannah Straughair