Print on Demand

Ever wanted to start a clothing business, but never knew where to start? Or you don’t have the financial backing to order on mass through over-seas manufactures? Print on demand is for you and always a good starting point on growing your brand

Benefits of printing on demand:

  • Start your clothing brand within a week
  • No minimum order quantities from suppliers
  • No need to hold stock
  • Shipping is dealt with from the printing company
  • Professional printing services
  • Offer more designs and items
  • No upfront costs for stock
  • Use your own designs or image library’s

Negatives of printing on demand:

  • Lower margin on items
  • Stock is based on availability at print on demand company
  • Non-refundable items

As you can see from the points above, print on demand is ideal for new companies wanting to offer numerous designs with little upfront costs and people wanting to offer merchandise without the need to keep hold of stock.

If you aim is to create your own items with manufactures either within your country, or overseas, the process can be expensive and time consuming, but if your items are popular and sell, you will make more margin on these items (minimum orders can reach 1000’s, but cost of each item will be cheaper).

Our advice on print on demand will be to test the items you are selling and make sure the materials and printing services are suitable for you to sell, after all your brand will hold the reputation of the quality.

Alibaba will give you an idea of different suppliers around the world and pricing with MOQ’s.

Please complete a contact form to see pricing on getting this set up, we will work alongside with Printful to connect your site to their services.

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