Project Schedule and Pricing

Project Information

  • URL – quelque.co.uk (to be pointed to KLIK4 Server)
  • Website Type – E-Commerce Website
  • Start-up Fee – £220 (50% on start, remainder on launch)
  • Monthly fee – £69.99 (first month free after launch)


Estimates & Project Intro

Initial consultation to start the project.

COMPLETE 02.03.22

50% of Start-up Fee Required

Invoicing to be setup on portal. £110 due before the start begins.

Click here to view invoicing portal

IN-PROGRESS 05.03.22

Domain Record Update

1-5 working days (usually within first couple of days).

Domain name needs pointing to KLIK4 server, this will be complete once 50% received.


Website Editing

Once domain name has propagated and available for editing on KLIk4 server, we will start creating the website.

Includes KLIK4 checks on responsiveness.

Timescale for first draft will be 1-2 weeks.



Unlimited revisions over a 2 month period.

Thorough testing of site with all functionality in place.


File Transfer

File transfer from temp domain to newly pointed domain (quelque.co.uk).



Training will be given to John for the following:

  • Editing products & content
  • Adding/updating blog posts
  • Processing and completing orders



Remainder of of the startup will be due before the website has been launched.



Once the 2 month revision period has expired or the website is ready to launch earlier (with payment received), the Google connection will be complete and the site will be ready for customers to use.


1 Month Free

After the launch has been complete, you will have 1 month free of charges, once this has expired, the £69.99 will be due each month.


Additional Functions to integrate

  • SEO set up on each page & product page on the website. Advisories to content will be communicated
  • Chatbot integration
  • Address lookup on checkout page
  • Stripe integration to offer numerous payment options
  • Mailchimp integration – New or existing login to be created/used
  • Advanced security integration
  • Reviews integration (companywide, not per product)
  • Guest checkout to be enabled
  • Stock management to be set up

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