Luminosa Music

Project Schedule and Pricing

Project Information

  • URL – (to be pointed to KLIK4 Server)
  • Website Type – Standard website
  • Transfer Fee – £30
  • Re-design Fee – £100
  • Monthly fee – £19.99 (once re-design is complete and launched). Includes term updates to the site.
  • Emails & Domain – To remain with 123reg. Domain pointed to KLIK4


Estimates & Project Intro

Initial consultation to start the project.

COMPLETE 02.02.22

Re-Design Fee & Transfer Fee Due

Invoicing to be setup on portal. £130 due before the site begins transfer & re-design.

Click here to view invoicing portal

Thank you. Payment made 08.03.22.

COMPLETE 06.03.22

Domain Record Update

1-5 working days (usually within first couple of days).

Domain name needs pointing to KLIK4 server, this will be complete once fees in previous step are paid.

COMPLETE 08.03.22

Website Editing

Once domain name has propagated and available for editing on KLIk4 server, we will start creating the website.

Timescale for first draft will be 1-2 weeks.

COMPLETE 12.03.22


Unlimited revisions over a 2 month period.

Thorough testing of site with all functionality in place.

Responsiveness to be done at this stage.

New headings added. Currently with Rebekah & Mike for revisions.

IN-PROGRESS 31.03.22

Final Transfer

Final part of transfer. Load the site through KLIk4 server (replacing the existing).



Once the 2 month revision period has expired or the website is ready to launch earlier (with payment received), the Google connection will be complete and the site will be ready for customers to use.


Monthly Payments

Once the site has launched, the monthly payments will be invoiced.


Points to include on site

  • Password protected content
  • Engaging homepage to grab user attention
  • Display quick access links to youth & adult sections.
  • Content to be used on current site. Downtime to remain at a minimal, new design to be created on a dev site.
  • Basic SEO added to each page (excluding password protected pages)
  • Essentials points to show on homepage 
    1. Joining Us (and rehearsal information)
    2. Hear us (where to book tickets)
  • Heading tabs to include
    1. About Adult Choirs
    2. About Youth Choirs
    3. Members
    4. Musical Direction
Luminosa Homepage 1 scaled

Here you will see the first draft of the homepage and one of the additional menu pages (Young voices).

Few points to note:

  • Snipits taken from actual domain (some things may not line up, but will when I share the domain next week).
  • You will notice a slight colour change with the border under ‘Young Voices’, this will match the logo colours (orange for Young and Pink for Rising).
  • Footer and Young Voices will have a heading marker to show where different feeds will go. Further down the line, these will be live feeds from social media (I will need to access a token to enable this).
Luminosa Young Voices Mock 1 scaled

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