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Social media is extremely important when promoting a new or existing business, these are the platforms which are used by millions and millions of people around the world. Social media is used by many companies to grow and reach the next level, but this does require experience and knowledge on how to use it correctly.

Keeping active on social media is crucial and posting the correct things that grab the attention of your new and existing customers.

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Meet Bryony

Social Media Manager

“Hi! I’m a freelance social media manager which started off as a passion project but now with 5 years of social media experience in various roles, from running multiple social accounts for nightclubs, bars & restaurants to running social for a high profile clothing company.

My biggest achievements to date include growing a profile by 10k followers in 2 months with an extensive blogger outreach program and second, launching an event via socials for a local nightclub making it their biggest event on record and taking the highest amount of profits on record.

I specialise in content creation, blogger outreach and customer interaction.”

What is included?

Different companies will require different posting schedules, content created, social media platforms and frequency of postings. Before discussing a price we will need to a tailor a plan on you and your company, this will allow us to gage an idea on what is required.

Social media is more than the postings, we want to ensure that you are communicating with customers in the way you want to, whether it be with added humour or a specific message on each posting. Get in touch with Bryony to discuss more.

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Putting a name to a face

Bryony Martin

Social Media Manager

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