Transferring Domains

Linking to other blog posts, sometimes clients have tried to create their website on a website builder which means the domain name is taken and sits somewhere else. 

Already own a domain with a different provider?

In order to begin work on creating a new website, we will need to change/alter the nameserver/glu records on the current providers management system (this may incur additional costs to change these records). Altering these records will allow us to point the domain name to our server, therefore completing the connection allowing us to create the website on our server.

If you wanted to transfer the domain over to us, this is also an option and the preferred option so we can manage the renewals and troubleshoot any issues. Transferring the domains may take a little longer than alerting the records, but will cover costs for the renewals * to all of our clients in the long run.

In all of our packages we cover the cost of domain name (yearly renewals), however, if the domain is purchased through a different provider, we will not cover the costs for the domain name, nor will we cover any fees that may be incur with alerting the records/transferring.

Transferring away from KLIK4

Similar process to transferring or altering records to allow us to create a website, we can also do the same to allow you to transfer the domains out. Please contact us if you wanted to transfer your domain name out.

As always, we are more than happy to cover the above in more detail and happy to arrange a phone call to do so.

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