Website Builders vs Website Designers

Whether you are looking at creating a website on your own or consulting with professionals, this will be perfect for you. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons for both website builders and Website designers.

What are the differences?

Website builders are easy to use and usually cheaper than other options, this will allow you to access an online platform/builder and create your own website from scratch.

Website Designers will communicate directly with clients to assist with creating a brief, once the first consultations are complete, the website designer will then create the website based on the clients’ requirements.

The 2 options above are both useable options for the majority of businesses, both new and old. Creating a website is made out to be extremely easy from the majority of website builders, but this isn’t always the case, each website being created will have elements that require more time and knowledge. Website Designers are professionals at creating websites and everything to do with connecting them to search engines and applying added security.

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Pros and Cons:

Website Builders

  • Cheaper monthly payments
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of functionality

Website Designers

  • Design Assistance
  • Lots of functionality, done to a professional standard
  • Google Integration
  • Website design experience
  • Portfolios of previous websites
  • Lifetime domain names
  • Full support
  • 1:1 consultation
  • Quick turn around

When adding a professional to the picture the price will usually be more expensive than the normal website builders, this will be due to the time of designing the site and knowledge behind the project.

Imagine being pushed into the deep end of a swimming pool and having to teach yourself to swim, wouldn’t you rather have a professional assist with making the process easier!

deep end

It doesn’t mean the price will be tripled! Website Design has come a long way and much more competitive in the market.

Time Frames

When you have a project in mind or you are growing at a pace that you need to get online ASAP, you don’t want to be learning a new skill and taking all your precious time on creating a website. Website builders do require more time, due to the fact that you are building a website from scratch. Designers will take the time barrier down and assist with meeting your realistic time frames.

If you were to compare the 2 with time frames at a similar quality, website builders could take months to complete, especially if you are working as well. Whereas, website designers will dedicate their time to complete your site and have it ready for first revisions in under a week.

time frames

How it works?

Website builders will allow you to start on the day of payment, they will give you access immediately, which is great, but your content is more important. Once you have completed your start-up process, website builders will show you a library of templates to choose from, these are ideal when selecting a theme to stick too, but if you wish to change or alter the theme layout, this is where things can get messy and better suited if you have knowledge on how it works.

The start-up when working with designers may take a little longer, but only because they want to make sure the brief is clear and time frames are reachable. The face-to-face or phone consultation will start the project, this will outline lots of things: what you want, price, additional information and getting started. Once both parties have an understanding, the work begins! The content will need sending over to the designers and any images or additional information discussed in the meeting/consultation. Within the first week, you will have frequent updates in regards to how the website is going and the first draft of the ‘live’ site. Once you are happy, the big green button can be pressed! LAUNCH DAY…

green button

Once you have broken the internet with your awesome new site, you will be left alone without the option for amends or any updates across the site, just kidding. The same person creating the site will be a phone call away for any assistance or amends.