Website building process

Building websites is what we do and making the delivery of your shiny new website becomes a priority. We get asked on a frequent basis ‘how long will it take to create the website?’, there isn’t a specific answer we can give, unless the client already has everything in place with regards to content, own design and layout. The timeframes will alter for many reasons, but we will always do our best to give the most accurate timelines for completion.

The process behind building a website can change quite considerably depending on the project in hand. Some of the factors which change the delivery time could be:

  • Ecommerce website – payment gateway integrations, added testing, products to be added
  • Booking system – set up of a booking client on your website
  • Password protected content
  • Additional pages
  • Re-work of designs
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Additional security integrations
  • Google integrations (can lead onto other recommendations from Google)
  • Basic SEO for each site
  • Plus many more!

We will always share the approximate timeline and do our best to meet this target. Throughout the process of creating a new website, we will be in frequent communication with our clients with updates to timings.

Below you will see a generic timeline to show the main steps in creating a website, the fundamentals will remain the same, but different websites will require additional steps.

Initial Consultation

This is where we meet!

Before every project we will have a phone call to discuss the requirements you have for the website. This will follow up with pricing and a breakdown of the package best suited for you.

See more on pricing Stage 1

Overview of The Project

We will do our own research to make sure the project requirements can be met by us at KLIK4 and to be certain we have a firm understanding of the website you want.

Stage 2

Estimates Sent

We want to make the pricing clear to our clients before any work starts. You will be added to our invoicing portal where you will receive the estimates for the project. Once accepted the next step can be taken.

Stage 3

Initial Payment

Once the estimates are accepted, we will convert the start-up estimate to an invoice. Once payment has been received, the project will begin.

Stage 4

Submit Content

Now its time for the good stuff!

The project has begun and we will prepare the website ready for uploading content. 

Stage 5

Frequent Updates

Throughout the entire process of building your website, you will receive updates on the status of the website, this may include images of the current look and feel of the site.

Stage 6

First Draft

Once the content has been uploaded and the design is complete, we will share the website with you for any tweaks or amends.

Oh, you also get unlimited revisions!

Stage 7

Design & Content Checks

We will do our own checks on the website also, this will cover:

  • Responsiveness on desktop, tablets and phones
  • Quality of images
  • Site speed
  • Wording checks
  • All buttons and links are working as they should

Stage 8

Google Integrations

Once all the amends and checks are complete, we will work on the integrations with Google:

  • My Business
  • Analytics
  • Search Console

More info Stage 9


After the Google Integrations are complete, the website will be visible to customers around the world. Once the site has everything sorted, we will declare it as 'launched'. We will require you to complete an agreement form for accepting the T&Cs.

Stage 10

Monthly Payment

Another estimate will be converted to an invoice, this will be the monthly hosting and maintenance fee.

Project build is now complete. Additional training may follow, depending on the package selected.

Stage 9

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